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Hi friends today's topic is Nomophobia and in this topic we are see How to Identify Nomophobia? and there Some tips to solve a smartphone habit ( Nomophobia).

How to identify Nomophobia ?

 How to Identify Nomophobia?

 1. Your time is wasted due to the use of the phone.

 2. There is uneasiness in your behavior. According to a survey in England, 51 per cent of people were uncomfortable with the exception of the Extreme Tech enzymes.

 3. Due to the telephony of the phone, your sleep worsens, you lose sleep or sleep constantly.

  •  Some tips to solve a smartphone habit:

       Stop using your phone for an hour before sleeping. Vibrations, blinking lights and sounds do not let you sleep. Now it is necessary to turn off the phone to become aware that the brainwashing work is over, otherwise the brain will not get a break.

       Do not use Facebook for 7 days every three months. If you do not need to turn off the phone overnight, then it is better.

        The fear of fear that if the phone is closed and something good and bad happens in the world, then you will not understand it. There is no obstacle in reaching any news.

         Not every message has to be answered. Or, if you do not reactify your friend's Facebook or Tweeter, then dread the fear that the sky will collapse. Without a mobile phone, remember the good things that are going on in your life for a walk, play, play, exercise, eating, reading time.
How to identify the Nomophobia ?
Mobile Addiction

         Stay away from social media one day a week. Use mobile as you are out of the house. Determine not to use the phone in some parts of the house. Do not use the phone at the reading room, kitchen, bathrooms, toilet. Keep the phone away from kids.

      Try to add new hobbies or new passion. Reading, gardening, housekeeping will keep you away from the phone. Avoid chatting at home, speak to family members, friends, neighbors and talk to them.

 Do not use the computer for more than three hours a day. One of the best ways to preserve health in the age of technology is moderation. That means using technology wisely.

Thanks for reading this helpful article also share this post with your family and friends also share with Nomophobia student and neighbours addictive phone.

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