Whatsapp gift - for New year 2019

Whatsapp gift for New year 2019

New Year's gift of Whatsapp : Got new feature

Whatsapp gift - for New year 2019

Whatsapp is the most popular app in the world's instant messaging app. According to a report, there are 150 million worldwide worldwide WhatsApp users worldwide. Specially, there are some new changes every day. Whatsapp also made available to the newest features users in 2018. This year, Wattsapp has given a gift to New Year to please users.6

Easy to listen to voice messages

Currently there are many white messages coming to WhatsApp. They had to play one by one to listen. But now the new feature only needs to play a voice message once. Then all messages will play automatically. Currently, this feature is only available on beta versions.

QR code scan contact will be available

There will be a QR code scan contact on WhatsApp in 2019. With the help of this feature, you will be connecting with the new contact through a QR code scan. You can also share your contact with QR code.

Whatsapp gift - for New year 2019

Dark Mode

Whatsapp is working on dark mode feature for a few days. When this feature is started, the background color on the whitespace will turn black.

Contact Ranking

The contact rankings will be done through this new feature on Whatsapp. The person with whom the more familiar users will see the most is seen in the contact. Accordingly, the sequence of other contacts will be decided.

Contact Contact

With this new feature the new contacts will be able to add to the will. After the introduction of this feature, the user will be chosen as the place where the number is. By doing so, whatsapp will automatically code the country, then the user can add your number.

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