"The world's last road" we will try to collect cool facts like - The world's last road etc. I know this is a very Cool and interesting fact.


'This way goes away ...'; But 'this' wait does not go away, it ends! This is the last road in the world. North Pole is near the end of Norway's final point. From here onwards, the Arctic ie the North Pole region of the snowy regions starts.

The road that connects this north end and Norway to the Earth is called 'E-669'. The reason for calling it 'the world's last road' is because there is no road ahead. It is a 14-mile highway.

It is forbidden to travel alone-shops on this road. By doing so, there is the risk of losing the traveler. Therefore, this route is advised to travel by group. People who live in extreme cold conditions, fishing and livelihood.

Many tourists also come here to see the game of 'Northern Light', which means 'sunlight' or 'polar light' in the middle of the night. This tourism business is also helping the local people.

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