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Easy remedy for headache 

Easy remedy for headache

Many people take tablets as a remedy for headache. Most people do a bullet bullet in a drug store. However, some home remedies will have very little effect on headaches.

Water levels in the body: headaches and migraine are the major causes of water loss in the body. To maintain physical health, the body should be as good as water. For this, drink water, fruit juice, and coconut water for proper use. Caffeine beverages such as tea and coffee will reduce the body water.

Easy remedy for headache

Balanced diet: Your body needs vitamins and minerals. It is important for us to take a balanced diet. Keeping lunchtime important is also important because un-eatable food contributes to health

The result is. Glucose is necessary for brain function to function properly. And due to lack of glucose hypoglycemia begins to be a headache.

Sufficient sleep: It is necessary to sleep enough for eight hours every night. Inadequate sleep creates obstacles in healthy lifestyle and can lead to diseases. Due to inadequate sleep or in the wake of stress, headaches start to rise.

Easy remedy for headache

Head Massage or Massage: Give a little over the thorax or forefinger where the head is in pain. Massage makes the tightened muscles free and improves blood circulation.
Bath with hot water: wash the head with lukewarm water and let the water flow from the back to the back. This reduces muscle stenosis and blood circulation increases.
Relax: Muscles need relief and stress should be removed. So if you have a headache, close your eyes and relax for a while.

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