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"Cold weather and heart disease - if you know what's is heart and how it's work. but in cold weather and heart disease increasing because cold weather is not suitable for human being and his Body."
Take care of cold heart ...

Cold weather and heart disease ?

Cold weather and heart disease

During winter, more care of the heart and lungs needs to be taken care of. This is especially important for older people. The number of heart attack shock is higher in the winter. The reason is that in the cold blood clotting, clotting and growl, these kinds grow. Colds are also narrow-edged due to cold. There is a heart attack flowing due to lack of proper circulation. However, there is no danger that there is adequate care or there is no danger. Experts have suggested some remedies ...

Exercise for Exercise: Blood and oxygen communication is important for the heart and other parts of the body. It is necessary to exercise for some time in the morning and evening. Walking creates bouts of the body. However, do not fall out during the winter season, add enough warm clothes.

There are different ways to protect themselves from cold weather. Woolly clothes should always be worn and should not be left out late in the morning or at night. Sit down for a while. This results in the boiling of the body and due to the tornado, 'D' vitamin is also produced in the body.
Cold weather and heart disease

Eating and drinking: Many people want to eat sweet or fried foods in the winter. However, cardiovascular patients should avoid it. Do not drink alcohol or smoke. Include fruits and greens in the diet Use hot soup, lapashi. Avoid eating cold foods.

Overheating: As the air air is harmful to the heart, the more heat it is harmful. If you are wearing warm clothes and doing heavy work and you get sweating it is harmful. Overheating can lead to heart attack hypertension. In this situation, blood pressure decreases.

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