IGLOO FACTS | How Lookes 'igloo' from inside ?

 Igloo facts | how to make igloo in snow fall area . IGLOO FACTS | How Lookes 'igloo' from inside ? Cool facts presenting same information for igloo lover's .
IGLOO FACTS | How Lookes 'igloo' from inside ?
IGLOO FACTS | How Lookes 'igloo' from inside ?

In Geography, many words 'eskimo' and 'igloo' are read. Eskimos are said to have 'Igloo' who build ice houses. Many people are curious about how it is 'igloo'. Their construction and structure are really unique.

People living in the northern polar regions of the Earth are called 'Inuit'. These people started building 'Igloo'. Eskimo people at the second place then built such igloos. Eskimo is an American word that means 'a person eating raw meat'. It was named after the 16th century.

Eskimo people who live in different places are different. Eskimos live in the areas of the polar circle except the Greenland, Canada, East Russia, besides the public sector. There are currently around 135,000 Eskimos. They are habituated to living in extreme cold conditions.

There is no vegetation due to the icy region and hence it depends on the meat for urination. They eat seals, whales, and even fish. Eskimos make different homes for winter and summer. The houses built in the winter days are called 'igloo'.

IGLOO FACTS | How Lookes 'igloo' from inside ?
In winter, the temperature in the city is as low as 50 degrees. These homes are built from ice caps to protect against such cold. The person living inside should not be suffocated, so there is a hole on the roof. A windmill is given to the house to not break in the storm. There are several blanket blankets on this dome. A window is made from a seal or a carrot stain.

It takes at least a half an hour to make the igloos. The features of these homes do not go out of inner heat. The igloos are of small-size sizes. The permanent igloo is five rooms and these rooms are connected to the roofs. There are twenty people in it.


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