Wednesday, December 26, 2018

GOOGLE PAY - Highest pay in Google 2019

"Highest pay in Google" . Is big search engine in the world now and we know about "Google pay" the no.1 company is all time. today we get some information on " Google pay & Google facts " because Google is a "Highest pay in Google".

Highest pay in Google!

"Highest pay in Google" GOOGLE PAY

 A list of the world's largest payroll companies has been prepared. Research company 'Comparabali' This list is based on the basis of the review of 10 thousand companies and 50 lakh employees. This list is based on the September 2017 to September 2018 rating. According to this, Google is the world's largest search engine. Working in Google's engineering department

Employees get the highest salary. Average salary of these employees 19 crore rupees. Social media giant 'Facebook' is second in the list. Facebook has the highest number of employees in the Product Department. There is a salary of 15 crores. Apart from the salary, there are different types of inspectives of Facebook employees. The third-largest 'salesforce' is a cloud computing

"Highest pay in Google" GOOGLE PAY

The company is there. Salesforce's Business Development Department has an average of 1. A salary of 13 crores is available. The same company had bought the 'Time' magazine a few days ago. Fourth-largest Microsoft product department employees - 1 A salary of 12 crores is available.

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