Facts about snow and ice do you know ?

In small research of "ICE INSTITUTE" they get the some information or "facts of snow" ,  ICE INSTITUTE research are  explain in below
And same facts of SNOW.

Facts about snow and ice do you know ?

Do you know 'this' about ice ?

SNOW and ICE  

If you do not have snow, snow in the Himalayan region is happening in many parts of the world and in our country too. Winter artifacts of ice crafts are also being held in the winter. However, we still know about the snow in 'Water frozen or its ice'. More of ice and more interesting information ...

 There is no snow white: After the snowfall, white snow appears everywhere, though the snow is not white. They are like snow crystals and the light goes through it, and they look white. Ice can be colored with color, smoke, or green shawl too many times due to pollution.

How does ice become? 

After the iceberg study, it became clear that when the temperature of minus two degrees Celsius is increased, the snow starts to rise. Even less than that, it becomes very flat crystals that are less than 5 degrees Celsius. Such snow-crystalline rhinestone becomes angular.

 Snowboard catalog ? 

Andy Brunning, Founder of Compound Interest, has described 35 different snowflakes. More types of iceberg are found.

 Exploitation of sound ?

 When snow is blowing, the snowflakes are absorbing noise in the atmosphere. Therefore, during the snow, the atmosphere around them would be calm.
?? Ice Names: According to a research done in Scotland, there are 421 snowstorms worldwide. The 'Inuit' tribes living in the North Pole area have kept 50 different names in the snow.

 Harmful to humans ?

 Spending longer periods of snow is not good for human health. If that happens, there may be an acute hysteria. Inuit people living around North Pole have been afflicted with such illness from time to time.

Ice Capture Air ? 

There is air capture from 90 to 95 percent in the ice. This means that ice prevents heat. That is why the Eskimo people's ice houses are 'igloo' or the shelter of undergrown animals, they are warm.

Facts about snow and ice do you know ?
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